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Bentazos 23 October 2022

Pontedeume to Bentazos - 24km

Albergue de Betanazoz

Last night was interesting as there was a function in the rooms adjoins the Albergue. It had bagpipes trumpets and who know what else and went on until at least midnight. Lots of noise and very loud background music. Difficult to get to sleep but not that unpleasant.

Today I was up at 7:30am with everybody else in the Albergue and on the road by 8:00am for a bastard of a climb out of Pontedeume. It seemed to go on forever.

The day was mainly spent in the countryside surrounded by eucalyptus, and European native trees. I can't get over the massive amounts of chestnuts, walnuts and apples that are rotting along the way.

The way is well marked although at times my GPS track and the offical Camino take different paths and there is a certain amount of apprehension as to whether I am on the correct path or not. The sighting of a yellow arrow is always very welcome.

The first stop for the day was at Mino where a woman was providing free coffee and cake to pilgrims. An interesting changes as a lot of people want to take advantage of those walking to Santiago de Compostela.

There was a lot more up and down today than expected, crossing headlands as we travelled along the estuary. Notwithstanding I was able to get into Betanzos before the rain.

Tonight I am in another community Albergue which currently had at least 10 residents. All the lower bunks in the room are taken so any latecomers get the top ones.

At the moment I have just negotiated a bulk load of washing with 3 Italians. Not sure what the outcome will be but as I haven't been able to do any washing for several days, anything has to be better thaan my current situation.

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