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Bruma Hospital 24 October 2022

Betanzos to Bruma Hospital - 24km

Municipal Albergue

Last night there were 12 pilgrims staying in the Albergue in Betanzos. Adding the group of 8 Spanish women on a guided tour and the couple I passed this morning there are over 20 pilgrims on the Ingles at the moment.

Today I was up at 7:30am and on the road by 8:00am and luckily could get a cup of coffee before leaving town to supplement my breakfast of a KitKat and water.

The way today was rural and unexpectedly mostly uphill. There were some great views and apart from the time spent in eucalyptus plantations it was a pleasant although strenuous walk.

I was able to arrive in Bruma Hospital before the rain commenced which was an added bonus.

There are only 7 staying in the Mucipal Albergue at the moment as there is a nice new private Albergue prior to the Municipal which I hope has attracted the majority of the pilgrims.

It is now only 41km to Santiago. Another 24km walk tomorrow followed by a short 16km the following day.

Lunch today was the Spanish 3 course lunch menu (without a menu) which means you eat what you are given if you can't understand the waitress. It was a nice potato soup, followed by eggs and chips with desert.

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