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Cercedilla 9 October 2022

Hostal Aribel Longinos

Soto del Real to Cercedilla 27km

Last night was both the worst and most expensive accommodation to date. There was no reception, a shared bathroom, a worn out mattress and a resident next door that snored.

As buses do not run on a Sunday until 10:00 am, I decided to walk the 8km back to Manzanares el Real. This was not one of my better decisions as it would turn a 19km day into a 27km day.

Consequently I was up before 6:00am and on the road not much later. As it doesn't get light until 8:00am the walk was going to be in the dark along the road verge. This was not an issue as there was at least a meter of bitumen on the outside of the white line. Apart from being questioned by the local police who told me to stay safe and did not like my suggestion that they should dive me to my destination it was a pretty boring walk. On arrival in Manzanares el Real I was able to get breakfast and meet up with Stuart.

The remainder of the walk was the best so far with great views of the Sierra de Guadarrama which we have to climb tomorrow. We stopped for a drink in Mataelpino and Navacerrada before reaching our destination. The worst of the walk was the step uphill climb out of Navacerrada and for the first time I had to put my walking poles into service.

On reaching Cercedilla, we stopped at the first bar we came across for a couple of beers and a bocadillo (always stop at the first bar as there may not be a second) before locating for our accommodation for the night.

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