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Lires 28 October 2022

Muxia to Lires - 14.3km

Albergue As Eiras

Last night was different. There were a couple sleeping in the bunk across from me that thought they could snore in unison (wrong) and with the addition of the snoring of the overweight man next to me it did not make for a good nights sleep in spite of the ear plugs. I watched on young female pilgrim pack and move to the far end of the room. Being a true pilgrim I endured the noise and refused to leave my bed apart from the occasional trips to the bathroom.

As today was a relatively short walk I as able to have breakfast before heading off. Initially the route followed the Atlantic coast before heading inland. Apart from the eucalyptus trees the walk as pretty although more uphill than I would have preferred. I'm not sure why the pilgrim way has to take us past every closed church as well as every operational wind turbine in Spain.

Today I saw something that I have to attribute to a pilgrim, have never seen before,

never want to see again and wont put into print. The only word to describe it is "disgusting".

The weather was better today than yesterday and remained fine for my walk although it is raining now. With 4 days of walking left I have managed to dodge almost all of the rain so far although who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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