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Madrid 6 October 2022

Hostel Mola

Today was mainly spent preparing for the commencement of the Camino de Madrid tomorrow morning. Preparations included purchasing bottled water (to provide reusable bottles) biscuits, cheese and Kit Kats (emergency breakfasts).

My guide book also mentioned an Anglican Cathedral in Madrid which I visited. While nice, it was rather plain compared with similar Spanish churches and cathedrals. While there I met Father Spencer Reece who stamped my Credential and insisted on giving me a blessing. Two blessings in two days definitely has to be a first.

Spanish power saving rules (air conditioners set at 27 degrees) combined with traffic noise and bars that open all night are not conducive to sleeping well. The noise and singing go for on to all hours followed by the arrival of rubbish removal trucks, delivery trucks and buses. There is a bus stop immediately outside of my window and the buses appear to run continuously.

The guide book also recommended visiting the Association of Amigos of the Camino to Santiago from Madrid for the latest information on the route and accommodation. The visit was not a lot of use as they only gave me a map and a list of accommodation that they said was probably out of date.

Tomorrow morning I commence walking towards Tres Cantos (Three Songs) 23km. The first half will be through the city which will not be that interesting.

I also apologise for the blog as I am still learning how to set up my posts. Hopefully this will improve shortly.

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Chris Uren
Chris Uren
07 de out. de 2022

Looking forward to the updates John.

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