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Medina de Rioseco 17 October 2022

Penaflor de Hornija to Medina de Rioseco 24km

Hostal Duque de Osuna

Woke at 7:30am, breakfasted and packed by 8:00am only to immediately return to the accommodation to get out the wet gear. It was bucketing down outside. The first couple of kilometres were not pleasant, particularly the long stepped path leading out of town. The only problem with wet gear is that you overheat quickly and as soon a the rain reduced to a drizzle it was time to stop and de-robe.

There was very light rain for the until Castromonte (10km) where I stopped for a coffee. Being on the Meseta the only items of interest were the numerous wind turbines.

From Castromonte it was a frurther 9km to Valverde de Campos. Not sure what happened but it seemed more like 12km. This town is in a valley and you do not see it until you are almost on top of it. Always a surprise when this happens. Disappointingly the only Bar in town was closed so as usual no lunch.

It rained again for the final 5km into Medina de Rioseco which was OK due it being relatively light.

Medina has a lovely old centre with the upper stories of the buildings being supported by ancient wooden columns. It has a very nice church which as usual was locked although I hope to be able to see inside later this evening.

Earlier I posted some photos that I could not upload yesterday.

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