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Negreira 31 October 2022

Olveiroa to Negreira - 33.6km

Albergue Pension La Mezquita

This morning I was up at 6:30am as a result of everybody else in the room deciding to get up (it was a full room of 8 people and nobody snored) and were outside the Albergue at 7:00am.

It was raining and dark so it was on with full wet gear. The first hour was uncomfortable as it was road walking in the dark with the added bonus of rain and strong winds. At least the road verge was smooth so I avoided falling over.

After an hour and a half walking it was light and I reached the Monte Aro Albergue Restaurante and was able to get breakfast.

The walk in the morning was mainly through dairy country with the cattle inside sheds and the land being used for growing crops.

At around midday I reached Bar Herminio where I could get a sandwich and finally remove most of the wet gear.

In the afternoon the weather improved and eventually I was able to take off my coat. The afternoons walk was mainly through oak forests on tracks with sunken lanes. Notwithstanding it remained wet underfoot. Sunken lanes are one of the highlights associated with walking in Galacia.

Tonight I am staying in Negreira where My brother Phil and I stayed on our previous visit to Finisterra in 2019. I missed the Municipal Albergue coming into town and have accommodation in an Albergue Pension. It is a great improvement on the Municipal Albergue where we based ourselves last time.

Todays walk at 33.6km was long and took 9 hours to complete. It is not a preferred distance. Anything below 24km is good.

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