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Santervas de Campos 19 October 2022

Villalon de Campos to Santervas de Campos 17km

Albergur Municipal de Santervas

Tonight I am staying at the birthplace of Jaun Ponce de Leon, who crossed the Atlantic with Christopher Columbus and discovered Florida. There is a small museum dedicated to Jaun Ponce in the basement of the Albergue and I was given a personal guided tour. It's not what you would call a busy or prosperous town, as the only shop is a mobile one (selling out of the back of a truck) and the bar has closed down.

There is a Spanish live in volunteer hospitalero who has gone out of his way to make me comfortable. I have the choice of any of 14 beds and will probably be the only pilgrim here tonight.

Later this evening the hospitalero is going to drive to the next town where there is a bar and we can get a meal.

Todays walk was pleasant through undulating Meseta country with a nice cool wind. The only stop on the way was Fontilhoyuelo, yet another town without and shops or bars.

The weather has now changed and it has started to rain and it looks like it will continue throughout tomorrow. I get a feeling that the roads will be sticky and that it won't be a pleasant walk into Sahagun.

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