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Olveiroa 30 October 2022

Cee to Olveiroa - 19.3km

Albergue Olveiroa

Had a great nights sleep last night (nobody snored) and were on the road bu 8:30am. The clocks changed by an hour last night and I started walking in daylight instead of blundering around in the dark.

The climb out of Cee was a bastard. I seem to be going up hill for hours (bit of an exaggeration) and it was not fun. Eventually I reached the top of the climb only to be surrounded once again by wind turbines together with locals with shotguns. I suspect that some form of hunting season commenced today.

From Cee it was four hours of walking until I eventually found an open bar where I could have my credential stamped, coffee and cake.

At this point I must mention that my brother David called (having finally got with the technology) and complained about my heavy breathing as I climbed yet another hill. He also said that if I didn't mention the call he would disinherit me (or something similar that related to a bottle if scotch).

While being tired, I would have liked to have walked a few kilometres further today but accommodation locations did not fit with my plan to arrive back in Santiago on 1 November. Notwithstanding l only have approximately 54km to walk to complete this Camino.

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