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Penaflor de Hornija 16 October 2022

Puente Duero to Penaflor de Hornija- 26km

Albergue Municipal de Penaflor de Hornija

It was an earlier start than usual this morning as Arturo served breakfast at 7:00. It was the usual tostada and coffee for €2.00. Breakfast over, I stumbled out the door into the dark at 7:30am and blundered around using my GPS until 8:15 and it was light enough to see where I was going.

I ended up taking an alternative rout to Simancas as somebody had ripped up the track and turned it into a sand pit. Simancas was a Roman town and would have been a great place to stay and look around. It is situated on a hill top and required a bit of climbing to get to the top. As it was early, nothing was open.

From Simancas it was a 6km walk to Cigunuela which hade very little to offer apart from an open bar where I could get a coffee before heading for Wamba for a coke and lunch. Wamba was uninspiring apart from the church of Santa Maria dating from 928. Locked as usual so I did not get to look inside.

Leaving Wamba we headed onto the Meseta proper. Flat landscape a far a the eye could see. Penaflor de Hornija could be seen in the distance 7km away and seemed to take forever to get there. There are hendreds of wind turbines on the Meseta and at one point I stopped and counted over 250. I will be on the Meseta for the next 4 days until I reach Sahagun.

Tonight I am staying in the Municipal Albergue, €5.00 for the bed and a hot shower. Only 2 pilgrims staying tonight and l have a large room to myself.

Poor internet again and I can't upload photos

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