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Puente Duero 15 October 2022

Alcazaren to Puente Duero - 25km

Albergue Pereegrinos de Puent Duero

As predicted the Spaniard in the room snored badly enough for me to resort to ear defenders. Otherwise it was a good nights sleep.

Breakfast was a couple of biscuits washed down with orange juice. Not the best but it gets me on the road.

The first 10km were pleasant walking past crops, farms and in pine forrest's. This was followed by 6km of relativity uninteresting walking through Meseta type country.

Coffee was had in Valdestillas where there was a Medieval festival in progress. Lots of parades, costumes, bands, bows and arrows, pikes and other assorted weapons together with street stalls. The gothic church of Nuestra Senora del Rosario was worth the visit with its magnificent alter.

The final 9km into Puente Duero was not nice with the first 3km being along the shoulder of the VP 9003. The only point of interest on this section were two roadkill deer in the gutter. The remainder of the walk was on a stony track parallel to the 9003.

Tonight I am in a quaint 7 bed albergue with a live in hospitalero (Arturo). My Spanish friend from last night is also there together with another Spanish walker. Thankfully Arturo has placed the two Spanish in the same room leaving me with the other room to myself.

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1 Comment

Oct 20, 2022

Sure is the end of summer autumn leading into winter, great photos

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