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Segovia 10 October 2022

Hosteria Natura Plaza

Cercedilla to Segovia - 32km (by train)

Today I omitted the hardest section of the Camino de Madrid due an upset stomach which came on late yesterday afternoon. As accommodation was pre booked and paid for in Segovia I concluded that attempting to walk 32km with no available facilities could be an issue and decided to take the train. Hopefully by the time I leave Segovia I will be fully recovered.

Notwithstanding Stuart did the walk, arriving very tired around 5:00pm.

Segovia is definitely a spectacular city doninated by a magnificent viaduct and cathedral. I will spend tomorrow visiting these attractions. It is also full of tourists and tour groups.

Walking in Autum is very different to spring. The storks have returned to Africa for the winter leaving behind their massive stick


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1 Comment

Chris Uren
Chris Uren
Oct 13, 2022

I love the aqueducts - regardless of country. They are such a magnificent engineering achievement.

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