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Spain 2022

Updated: Apr 30

After a two year Covid-19 enforced hiatus it is time to get the pack out again, put on my pilgrim attire and head back to Spain. Given that I now have a new right knee and are two years further into retirement this year will be an interesting experiment.

Usually I travel with company although this year I will be walking by myself which should not be an issue as there will most likely be other pilgrims walking the same routes at a similar time.

The plan this year is to travel to Madrid and commence my walk from there and heading north for approximately 320km along the Camino de Madrid to Sahagun on the Camino Francis. The walk will commence from the Church of Santiago and Saint John the Baptist and the highlight of this route will be the old Roman city of Sergovia where I plan to have a rest day.

From Sahagun it is proposed to travel to Santiago de Compostela and then to Ferrol on the north cost of Spain to walk the 5 day 110km Camino Ingles into Santiago.

Everything going to plan this will be followed by a walk from Muxia into Santiago before meeting friends from the US and returning to Madrid and home in early November.

Commencing 5 October 2022 the blog will be updated daily

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1 Comment

Alison Bell
Alison Bell
Oct 03, 2022

Burn Camino! Looking forward to hearing all about. It.

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