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Tres Cantos 7 October 2022

Hostal Tres Cantos

Madrid to Tres Cantos 23km

Today was a relatively early start, being up at 7:30am packed and out the door of the hostel by 8:00am (it is not getting light until 8:00am). Unfortunately 100metes later it was time for breakfast, tostada, coffee and orange juice.

From there it was a short walk to the Camino starting point, the Church of Santiago and John the Baptist. The first 11km were city street walking without the benefit of yellow arrows. Notwithstanding the GPS track on my phone kept me from getting lost. This section was not a lot of fun but had to be done.

I stopped in Fuencarral for a coffee before heading past the cemetery into open countryside. Tracks were mainly sand or gravel and the only issue were the mountain bike riders. Along the path were many Holm Oaks and in the distance the Sierra de Guadarrama can be seen. This range has to be crossed on day 4 before reaching Segovia.

The only other pilgrim met today was Stuart, another Australian from Northern NSW. We walked together into Tres Cantos before Stuart continued on and I searched for accommodation. We should catch up again tomorrow as we both intend to spend the night in the same village.

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Merete Prahl
Merete Prahl
Oct 09, 2022

Need some food photos and some of you! Love reading your adventures


Oct 08, 2022

Have a great trek. Carol and I will be looking forward to your daily updates.

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