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Villalon de Campos 18 October 2022

Medina de Rioseco to Villalon de Campos - 24km

Hotel Venta del Alon

Tonight I thought I was going to hit the jackpot. A 24 bed Albergue all to myself. Stuart is a day behind, the two Spaniards that I have met are ahead, so what could go wrong. Bed bugs! I arrived at the Albergue to find it closed for disinfection. Now I am staying at a nice 2 star hotel 200 meters down the road from the Albergue for over 4 times the price.

This morning was unusual as I could get coffee befor leaving Medina de Rioseco. Shortly after leaving the town centre the way deviated to the right and followed an old canal. The canal was lined with elm trees and has been the prettiest section of this Camino yet. Some 11km later I arrived in Tamariz hoping for a second coffee. As usual nothing was open.

From Tamariz it was an 8km walk along up the VP 4008 to Cuenca de Campos. Apart from little traffic there is nothing worse than pounding the carreterra (bitumen) for 8 kilometres. Notwithstanding the 12km alternative was not inspiring either. As there we no open bars in Cuenca so it was a short stop befor tackling the final 5km into Villalon de Campos. This path was smooth, tree lined and away from the road making it a pleasant final few kilometres for the day.

This village has a nice feel about it and I will wander back into the centre after a rest.

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