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Villeguillo 13 October 2022

Santa Maria la Real de Nieva to Villeguillo - 30km

Albergue de Pergrinos

Today I was up at 7:30 and ready to go when Stuart informed me that he had a bad night and would not be walking. Being packed I headed out into the dark hoping for breakfast in either Santa Maria la Real de Nieva or Neive. Neither eventuated and I eventually had to walk 13km to Nava de la Asuncion on nothing more than a reconstituted Kit Kat before getting something to eat. A reconstituted Kit Kat is one that has been melted, crushed and re-solidified several times before being consumed.

The track today was pleasant and mainly through pine forests that were being tapped for their sap/resin. Walking was on sandy tracks.

The down side of the day was Coco where I intended to view the castle built by the Moors and stay the night. There was no accommodation and I had to give the castle a miss as I had to walk a further 7km to Villeguillo. Here I am staying in an albergue where I get a mattress, pillow, shower and an opportunity to do my washing.

At the moment I am sitting in the only bar in town and I get a feeling that they will not be serving food.

I am also still struggling with this blog site so no photos again

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