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A Labrada, Pension Pacita 28 May 2024

Breakfast this morning was biscuits, a baby cheese and water, followed by a 6.5 km walk into Quiroga where a real breakfast was obtained. This initial walk was pleasant on tracks and seldom used roads through native vegetation and small plots of vegetables and grapes.

After Quiroga we mistakenly took an unwanted detour by following the yellow arrows instead of consulting the GPS track on the phone. This resulted in crossing the Rio Sil twice and passing many bars. The route along the river would have been a better option.

Leaving the Rio Sil we headed up a 350m climb over 5km to cross over into the next valley and the Rio Lor. Both the scenery and the climb were unpleasant as we were walking through harvested pine plantations. The only relief was a short section at the head of a valley that retained its native vegetation including many ancient chestnut trees.

The path down into A Labrada was steep and lined with chestnuts, cherries, holm oaks and other natives. It was good to be away from the moonscape left behind by the after tree harvesting activities.

Our pension provided a great lunch on arrival which has been voted as the best encountered on this Camino so far. We have started eating Spanish late lunch with a light snack in the evening. This is preferable to the Spanish dinner which is not available until after 8:00pm.

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Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian

Okay, so I see that the walking poles propped against a signpost, last time, weren't gifts for some chance hobbling pilgrim, but your own. I also learn that those cheerful yellow arrows can mislead.

Lovely bridge over the river. It must have been a pleasure crossing it twice.

The pilgrim paintings and statues do not hide how hard the trail is. Good luck with the days to come—

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