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A Rua de Valdeorras, Municipal Albergue 26 May 2024

The breakfast at Bar Mar this morning was interesting. The toastada consisted of week old bread rolls (cold) toasted yesterday. It was definitely not your usual fare and something definitely not recommended by dentists.

On the plus side we were able to convince our host to relieve us of around 2 kilograms of accumulated coinage.

The walk to O Barco de Valdorras, where we had coffee, was mainly along roads following the Rio Sil, although being a Sunday morning there was little traffic. During the walk we again encountered our overnight host speeding along in his little grey car covered with yellow arrows. He waived but didn’t slow down so we quickly took evasive action and got off the road. Perhaps his erratic driving was payback for landing him with our collection of coins.

Last night there were 6 pilgrims at Bar Mar, 5 Australians and one Spaniard. Tonight we are down to 4 Australians and the Spaniard.

Overall the walk was pleasant passing through many small villages which were the usual mixture of lived in residences and crumbling ruins. Parts of the walk were along the large Rio Sil with its weirs and small hydro power stations.

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1 Comment

Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
May 26

Okay, I have to have a map.

Cute to see the storks preening.

Picturesque railway crossing: obviously in use.

As you say, a mix of dilapidated and modern residences. I bet the church is attended.

Carry on—the sun shines enough to brighten and warm you, but not so much (hopefully) to make you drain your gourds to the last drop.

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