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Bandeira, Bandeira Pilgrim Hostel 3 June 2024

This morning breakfast was buscits and coffee. The coffee was left for us by our kind hospitaliro and the buiscuits were the emergency rations found in the bottom of my pack. They were a substantial Italian variety as any normal biscuit wood not have survived the past week and a half and would have been reduced to crumbs several days ago.

Today we ended the Camino Invierno and joined the Camino Sanabres at A Laxe, which we will follow into Santiago de Compostela. My brother Phil and I remember A Laxe well as we stayed in the Albergue there in 2019 when we walked the Lavante and Sanabres. It was an excellent Albergue with some of the biggest and loudest mosquitoes in Spain. It was in A Laxe that we met Andy a Church of England minister from the UK with a secret smoking habit and an eye for the lady pilgrims. We were not quite sure why he was on the Camino but he seemed to be enjoying himself while away from home.

The walk today was mainly downhill and through some very pretty countryside with an especially magnificent section along and under an arched railway bridge.

Paul was tempted to ride a pig from Lalin to Santiago but given its short legs and the fact that it was bronze he decided that walking would be the better option.

Tonight we are only two short days (34km) out of Santiago and will arrive on Wednesday.

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1 comentario

Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
04 jun

Never having met either you, John, or stoic Paul, I am a sitting duck for practical jokes. My scrutiny of past posts suggests that it is not Paul trying to ride the pig to Santiago, but you yourself, John. (Which means I don't know who the fellow was in the Sanguesa post: a fellow-pilgrim about to smoke a pipe, I suppose, snapped by you from the route below.)

Beautiful country, and the promise of spiritual salvation soon—

Me gusta
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