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Canfranc Estacion, Hotel Villa Anayet 9 May 2024

Today we started our Camino, but before I enter into the boring details I must comment on the shower in Hostel Evoke. The Spanish are famous for shoehorning bathrooms into the smallest places and this one stood well out from the usual. Instead of being square the shower was long and narrow, infact so narrow that you had to stand sideways to use the facility.

Most of the day was spent travelling. High speed train to Zaragoza, bus to Jaca and then a local bus to Col du Somport on the Spanish French border. From the Col we put on our packs and headed downhill to Canfranc Estacion. It was a great walk on steep rough tracks of about 8 km surrounded by spectacular scenery. We only managed to get lost once. While I won’t point out who was to blame for this navigation error I will state that I was only following the person in front of me.

On arrival in Somport Estacion around 6:00 pm we found that both Albergues were “complete” and were given the option of walking a further 4km to the Albergue in Somport or checking into a hotel. Being dedicated pilgrims, we opted for the hotel option.

After a shower we visited the magnificent Somport Estacion hotel (formerly an abandoned ruin) and had the usual Spanish meal (meat, eggs and chips)

Tomorrow we commence proper walking

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Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
10 mag

Looks as though you are already doing "proper walking". Wild scenery. Yummy food, again. You don't mention the size of the hotel shower: I assume it was respectable. I always think hotels are worth the expense. Good luck with the commencement of hardship!

Mi piace
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