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Diomondi, Municipal Albergue 30 May 2024

Having been made aware that there were no services between Monforte de Lemos and Diomondi we stocked up with food for the day and the evening meal at the Albergue. What we did not expect was to find nothing open in Monforte for breakfast. Consequently it was a breakfast of biscuits and water after 6km of walking.

Yesterday evening we caught up with Australian friends Tony and Johan at the exclusive Parador Hotel where they are staying the night. Poor pilgrims such as ourselves have to make do with a Pension at the Botton of the hill.

The walk today was excellent through farms and areas of native forests consisting mainly of oaks. The track varied from roads to overgrown paths to sunken lanes which in places acted as streams. We had one short deviation around a large mud hole and were able to watch farmers baling and collecting hay. We did encounter a shop in a mobile van on the way and were able to replace the bananas we ate for lunch.

The Albergue here is new and attached to a church. We suspect that as it is only 112km to Santiago that it has been established to offer an alternative to Sarria for pilgrims who only want to walk 100km into Santiago de Compostela.

We have now found out that there is a restaurant only 2km away from Diomondi where we will have an evening meal. Our hospitalero has volunteered to drive us there and we will walk back afterwards.

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Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
31. Mai

I don't know how you manage without regular meals. You must be losing a lot of fat and, hopefully, growing (even) more muscle. No wonder the pilgrim statue is thin.

I love the storks; but the sight of your path makes me feel tired. I bet you made the most of the restaurant!

Gefällt mir
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