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Eiravedra, Pension Residencial Victoria 4 June 2024

Today we had a lay in until 7.30 but were on the track by 8.00am. Breakfast consisted of stale croissants and leftover cheese as the bars in town did not open in town until 8:30am

The weather was perfect for walking, cool but sunny, not a cloud to be seen.

Midway through the stage we found a pilgrim rest station. We were offered a comfortable seat in the shade, coffee and a piece of cake. It was in private property and the lady clearly wished to support the passing pilgrims. We gave a donation to help her good work.

After a very steep decent to the river Ulla (coincidently where Phil slipped and fell over in 2019) and a long climb up from the river we arrived at our hostel for the night. The hostel has two choice of rooms one with a window and one without. We chose the window but it was an extra 4euros. Worth every cent.

The other interesting discovery was that Bluey is bilingual. He can speak Spanish as well as English.

Tomorrow we have approximately 18km to walk before arriving at our destination in Santiago de Compostela.

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Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
05 jun.

Wow, great shot of the new and old bridges over the River Ulla. If you climbed down one bank, then up the other, I can only assume that, either the bridge is for vehicles only, or, its access points were totally out of your way.

That coffee and cake would have been very welcome. No doubt that is where you photographed the bee-hives and the Speckled Sussex Hen: her eggs may have been in the cake!

Lovely to see the fresh modern houses grouped round the old Franciscan Mission.

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