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Lalin, Hostel Lalin Centro 2 June 2024

This morning we had our usual breakfast of coffee and tostada in the bar below the hostel. Unfortunately the barman was still there. The Spanish may be loud but this person took loud to a completely new level. He managed to keep us awake for half of the night and made sure that we did not sleep in this morning.

Todays walk was approximately 22km with no services along the way whatever. However it was very pretty and through the usual forests of oaks and other natives trees as well as farm land with no appreciable ascents or descents. To our surprise when we stopped for a break at the very small village of A Eirexa de Pedroso a lady pointed us in the direction of an open door in one of the houses where we could get a coffee and a stamp for our credentials. One point if interest passed was an extensive granite quarry..

Arriving in Lalin we could not locate our accommodation and visited a bar to ask for directions. It turned out that the owner of the bar was the person in charge of our hostel so we were soon showered and back at the bar for lunch.

Lunch was spent with our walking companions Tony and Johan who managed to arrive at the bar just before us.

At the moment there are only Paul and I at the hostel and we hope that it will stay that way.

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1 comentário

Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
02 de jun.

The advantage of taking "the path less travelled" is that there are fewer travellers upon it.

As for the loud bar-man, maybe I should move to Galicia: I am loud. He couldn't help it, John, he is an enthusiastic man and his overall energy feeds into his voice too. Although I do sympathize with lying awake listening to his, ahem, enthusiasm.

Ah, you have entered pork country…

I have not been able to identify the cemetery with the horse-trough/fountain along its fence—beautiful, especially with the flowers hung upon the plaques. No confusion about sex-roles in Galicia: girls wear pig-tails; boys are bigger; lead the way; and carry bigger school-cases. Well, it is an arch-Catholic region.

Great photos of the tree and the…

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