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Leon, Albergue Santa Maria de Carbajal 22 May 2024

After a good nights sleep (for myself and Paul) and a not so good sleep for Kate we headed for Leon. Again it was another relatively short and uneventful walk of 18.5km.

The only excitement was the failure of a vending machine to produce a Kit Kat after Paul had put in a euro. The owner of the cafe was mortified but couldn’t find the key so we left but, as we approached the outskirts of the village, we were chased by the owner to deliver the Kit Kat. A dedication by a cafe owner rarely seen.

On arrival we checked into the 96 bed Convent Albergue and were given lower beds by ourselves at the far end of a large dormitory. Hopefully it stays that way. The usual induction included definite instruction on the timing to attend the church for Mass this evening (not sure what happened but we managed to miss this important event)

The afternoon was spent exploring Leon, visiting the Cathedral, photographing Kate next to bronzes (including a suspended rhinoceros horn) and chasing additional credential stamps.

Tomorrow Kate leaves for the UK and Paul and I head for Ponferrada where we will commence walking the Camino Invierno.

As a parting present, Kate has gifted Paul her unused roll of Australian toilet paper.( much better than the Spanish equivalent which is narrower, single ply and often not to be found)

Yes this is my last night with Paul & John. It has been a wonderful, fascinating & quite challenging adventure that I shall never forget. I’m thankful that the boys didn’t”t snore (loudly) & were able to accommodate my packing & unpacking & my multiple questions about weather & kilometres for the day..

I wish you both a wonderful onward adventure. Buon Camino x

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