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Pamplona, Albergue Jesus y Maria 16 May 2024

Today as usual we were woken by our Spanish friends who insist that 5:30am is a good time to get out of bed, switch on the lights and start talking very loudly. Once the noise had subsided we arose, packed and were able to get a cup of coffee before catching our bus at 8:30am.

To our suprise our German friends Eric and Sylvia were on the bus. Consequently we took breakfast together before finding our way to the town centre.

Now that we have taken a break from walking for a few days, Kates ankles and blisters have miraculously cured themselves (probably nothing to do with the massive dose of anti inflammatories prescribed by the chemist in Sanguesa).

At midday we were able to book into the 112 bed Albergue Jesus y Maria. While large, the beds are separated into 8 bed (4 bunk) groups so hopefully it will not be too loud.

We had an excellent lunch at one of the many Restaurants in Plaza del Castillo with Eric and Sylvia and plan to meet them again for a drink this evening.

To fill in the day we have wandered around the old town, visited the cathedral, followed the route of the bulls through the streets to the bull ring (Plaza de Toros de Pamplona) and viewed to statue of Ernest Hemingway that resides there.

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Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
4 days ago

There do not seem to be many people about. I suppose that is the case with provincial towns outside festival time. Regular inhabitants are at work or home. It looks beautiful… like all the places you have shown us. I don't blame you for not including the statue of Hemingway outside the bull-ring, it is very bulky. Here is a more life-like one in the Café Iruña.

Despite her smile, Kate is standing gingerly. I doubt her "miraculous cure". But a few days' rest is well deserved for both. A pilgrim must pace himself if he wishes to complete the pilgrimage authentically.

Me gusta
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