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Rodeiro, Hostel Carpinteiras 1 June 2024

As it was to be a shorter walk today we organised breakfast at 8:00am and our host at Hotel Vilaseco put on a great spread and provided us with great advice on todays route.

There are two ways to reach Rodeiro from Penasillas. The marked route over the mountain or the easier way around the mountain. One of the local Camino officials has apparently decided that pilgrims should cross the mountain and say a prayer at the Ermita at the top of the climb. Our guide book suggested that pilgrims are not usually that dedicated and that the usual way to Santiago was to take the low route and give the shrine a miss. Being dedicated pilgrims we opted for the low route and avoided the 400m climb up to the Ermita.

The only issue was the lack of signage which was not helped by the over enthusiastic local officials painting out some of the yellow arrows. Notwithstanding our onboard electronics saved the day and we arrived safely in Rodeiro.

The pilgrim office in Santiago has decreed that in order to receive a Compostela (official certificate of completion of a Camino) that pilgrims walking the last 100km into Santiago must obtain at least 2 stamps per day in their credentials. This is very hard to do when there is nothing open along the way. Who knows what will happen when we present ourselves at the office and request a credential.

On arrival we checked into the Hostel/Albergue where so far there are only 3 pilgrims in the Albergue section. Our two Australian friends, Tony and Johan have taken a room here in the Hostel section as well. The Albergue is actually a better option with lots of space for the three of us.

Only four more days of walking until we reach Santiago de Compostela.

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1 Comment

Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Jun 02

For the compostela certificate, if queried, you will present your Blog as proof of your journey. I am sure that has occurred to you. You had better take another couple of photos of Paul, to prove he is still with you.

Ah, finally a concrete road! You would not have got that with the climb to the Hermitage. Having looked up the Ermita do Faro, Chantada, I can see why you gave it a miss.

I love the shepherd's hut in a back yard (they have those in England—not that I have seen one, I just read the advertisements in Country Life magazine), and the church, well, both churches. Keep your spirits up, you are champions—

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