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Sahagun, Municipal Albergue 19 May 2024

At 9:00am Paul arrived at our hotel and we wandered into Burgos for breakfast (the usual tostada, fresh orange juice and coffee).

We the visited the Cathedral and attended the10:30 Mass in the Chapel dedicated to that purpose. The remainder of the morning was taken up by coffee and wandering around the city, visiting the museum and more photograph's of an un-named person standing beside bronzes.

The afternoon was spent travelling by train to Sahagun which included a change at Palencia which gave us enough time to wander around the city and go stork spotting. Many storks were seen nesting on top of the many churches.

On arrival at the Albergue in Sahagun I was surprised to receive a certificate for completing the Camino de Madrid in 2022. We then headed to the Shrine of the Virgin Peregrina where Kate and I were able to receive certificates for walking half way to Santiago. Performing at the Shrine was a very large choir whose singing was excellent.

The remainder of the evening was used up in a small bar adjacent to the Albergue that served various meals all cooked in a microwave.

Tomorrow we walk again.

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Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
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Spain is, obviously, like the rest of Europe, a much more artistic country than Australia. I love realistic, life-like statues, like the 2 musicians, somewhat taller than natural size. They are such fun. Also interesting is the barred judas-hole in the strong, studded door: no enemy can enter, that is for sure.

May God bless your coming journey with sunshine!

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