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Santiago de Compostela, Hostel Pico Sacro 7 June 2024

Updated: Jun 17

Last night we attended Mass at the Iglesia de Santo Agostino where we caught up with Johnnie Walker (guide book author, Santiago resident and organist at the Iglesia). We met John previously at the pre release screening of Bill Bennett’s film “The Way My Way”. John concluded the Mass with the Australian National Anthem in our honour.

After the Mass we were introduced to the priest and John’s friend Stephen (a priest from London) who supported the officiating priest with his wonderful voice. John showed us around the church and explained its history before joining us for a drink.

Tonight we will return to the church the Mass of the feast of the Sacred Heart with the Archbishop which will be followed by a procession thorough the streets. The only National Anthem tonight will be the Spanish one.

The morning has been spent wandering around Santiago and watching excited pilgrims arriving in Plaza del Obradoiro in front of the Cathedral. While we have visited the Cathedral we did not attend Mass as the midday Masses are crowded and seats are unobtainable unless you arrive an hour early.

I have included photos of the casket contains the remains of Saint James and Johnie Walker and Stephen.

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1 Comment

Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Jun 07

Your last photo made me chuckle. I chuckle in the happy confidence that, with your 2 masses already attended, and perhaps more to go, you did not lie about the pious reason for your pilgrimage, so you will never end up naked amidst the flames.

As for the casket with Saint James's remains, we can only hope that the priest who put whatever-it-was inside, did not end up amidst the flames that you will not visit.

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