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Artieda, Artieda Hostel 12 May 2024

Last night was a communal dinner at the Arres Pilgrim Hostel. It was a meal for 20 prepared by the jolly hospitalero. In attendance were Dutch, German, French, Spanish pilgrims also as well a Japanese comedian who had everybody laughing.

As reported yesterday, facilities were cramped but we all managed to squeeze around each other and were all well asleep by 10:00pm. If there was any snoring it certainly did not keep me awake.

Today the walk has been on farm access tracks through fields of wheat and barley with the snow covered Pyrenees as a backdrop. It was in the main excellent walking alough

at times the tracks were particularly rough and rocky.

Wildlife that we have heard and seen so far on the Camino include the Pyrenean Chamois, 2 nesting Storks (seen from the train on the way to Zaragoza) and the Cuckoo.

Tonight we are in a hostel in another hill top town. The last kilometre uphill to reach our accommodation is definitely not fun but not as bad as the climb yesterday.

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1 Comment

Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
May 13

You are having beautiful spring weather, and the vistas are glorious. It must be heartening to see the other pilgrims—just enough to be companionable.

I wonder what that large set of white buildings is: a monastery perhaps?

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