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Cee 29 October 2022

Lires to Cee - 26.4km

Albergue Moreria

Last night I had pleasant company, a Dutch social worker who has been walking for over 3 months and a Brazilian coffee farmer and nobody snored. The Dutchman was walking to Muxia and then down to Porto and the Brizilian was finishing in Finisterra.

I spent the morning walking with the Brizilian to Finisterra (the end of the earth) before heading back towards Santiago. It was a very pleasant walk apart from the eucalyptus trees and the path along the beach into Finisterra being flooded in several places due the heavy rain last night. Avoiding the flooding required a couple of kilometres of road walking.

The weather today was overcast in the marking with a threat of rain but luckily nothing eventuated.

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