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Monforte, de Lemos, Pension Mino 29 May 2024

Last night it was 4 Australians staying in A Labrada. While Paul and I ate in the afternoon Tony and Johan elected for a later dinner. We have found eating in the afternoon with a light snack in the evening to be an excellent option. It is certainly better than an evening meal available at earliest at 8:00pm

The day started with a steep 200m climb out of A Ponte followed by a pleasant walk through native forests and farm land to our destination. Nothing spectacular but nice walking without too much uphill

On the way we met a couple of New Zealanders (pretend Australians) walking in the opposite direction. Obviously they were reading their map upside down. They reported that they are seeing less than 20 pilgrims a day on this Camino.

As the Albergue was 1.7km out of the city centre we elected to stay in a Pension for a few euros more. Great location although the towels were the equivalent of grade 250 sand paper.

Lunch was had at a small pizza establishment with the only disaster being leaving behind my bag complete with passport, iPad and cash. (aka Jane in 2016). On discovering the item was missing a quick return to the bar had me reunited with my travelling essentials.

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1 Comment

Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
May 30

Your descriptions and photos are absolutely delightful, I feel like visiting this little trajectory myself. But I would have to be driven there somehow, and plonked down. Oh wait, there is a train station!

I don't know how you both keep going. I suppose you must sleep well.

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