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Pontedeume 22 October 2022

Ferrol to Pontedeume - 27.7km

Pontedeume Pilgrim Albergue

To day I commenced the Camino Inglis (the English way) which followes the route that English pilgrims used on arrival by boat in Ferrol.

Being a relatively long walk I was up at 7:30am and on the road in the dark at 8:00am. The path was well marked and I had no trouble getting out of Ferrol. The biggest issue was the 10km north to get around the end of the inlet before being able to head south to my destination for the day.

The first part of the walk was alongside naval establishments that are constructed continuously along the inlet in Ferrol. Once past these establishments the walk followed the inlet with one village merging into the next. I stopped for coffee in Neda and a drink in Vilanova. After Villanova there was more country walking with the paths lined with eucalyptus and native European trees including many chestnuts and walnuts.

It was overcast but fine all day until the last 2km when it started to rain properly and I arrived in Pontedeume wet from the waist down.

There are a number of other pilgrims in town, with 5 staying in the Albergue although there are no English speakers at the moment.

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1 Comment

Chris Uren
Chris Uren
Oct 22, 2022

The graffiti in Spain seems a lot more artistic and imaginative than Oz.

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