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Ruesta, Ruesta Hostel 13 May 2024

After a very pleasant evening with our newly acquired pilgrim friends (a German couple and 2 Dutuch residents) we took the opportunity to sleep in due to todays relatively short 10km walk to Ruesta. On arrival at the breakfast room we quickly discovered that the 4 Spanish pilgrims had consumed most of the available sustenance. It was not a good start to the day.

Notwithstanding both the walk and the weather were pleasant, initially on good tracks through plots of barley and wheat and later along the Rio Aragón through an oak forest.

Ruesta is an abandoned village of tumbled down houses with a permanent population of 3 who run the hostel.

The room where we are staying is cramped and the showers are hot so there is very little to complain about

I have heard a rumour that someone who shall remain nameless will be taking a taxi to Shnguesa tomorrow. A true pilgrim would not let a couple of little blisters interfere with their Camino.

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3 comentarios

6 days ago

We got the memorial book that we signed at the church at Terry’s funeral today John, They made a really nice job of it, I hope we can show it to you some day. I hope everything goes to plan for you in Spain and that you stay safe Dennis.

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Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian
14 may

No food? Those selfish pilgrims. God sees their wicked act. I was intrigued by your description of Ruesta, so looked it up. Here is what it looks like from above: your fortress-towers are in the distance.

I also counted how many kilometres you have walked since Canfranc Estacion: 92.5 km in 5 days. I am sure the God who will punish the Spaniards also knows how bravely and painfully Kate has so far gone. "From each according to his abilities…"

Hold the torch, John, you sturdy pilgrim!

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13 may

Pretty scenery on your walk today , seems spring is a good time to observe spain

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