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Sahagun 20 October 2022

Santervas de Campo to Sahagun - 20km

Mexico PR - Santiago de Compostela

Due to lack of any reliable internet connection last night, yesterdays blog post was delayed until I reached Sahagun.

Having now arrived in Sahagun I have completed the Camino de Madrid and have walked just over 300km (adjusted to take into account the section which I did not walk into Sergovia).

Yesterday evening I was surprised to have an Italian pilgrim arrive at the Albergue. This brings the total of pilgrims met on the de Madrid to four (one Australian, one Italian and two Spanish). Overall it was a very quite Camino. I have already seen more pilgrims in Sahagun in the last hour than I saw for the whole de Madrid.

The meal last night with Ignacio the hospitalero was excellent. It does help to have a bit of local knowledge when it comes yo the menu

It rained heavily yesterday afternoon and overnight. Consequently I decided that I would avoid the farm tracks and stick to the bitumen. The soil here is sticky and slippery and not good for long distance walking in the wet. While the bitumen was not very exciting ast least I arrive in Sahagun relatively dry and clean.

Later this afternoon I travel by train to Santiago de Compostela where I will stay the night before travelling to Ferrol tomorrow.

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Oct 30, 2022

Bedankt voor dit mooie verslag. Ik ben een Nederlandse Peregrina die op 30 april 2023 in Madrid wil starten met Camino Madrid. Jouw ervaringen neem ik mee in mijn planning.


Oct 20, 2022

John, congratulations on another good walk in the woods, or should I say fields. It seems as though the reconstructed knee is holding up well. Maybe your younger brother will exert himself next year to provide a bit of company.

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