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Santiago de Compostela - 26 October 2022

Sigueiro to Santiago de Compostela - 15.7km

Albergue Seminario Menor

Today I completed the 118km of the Camino Ingles (The English Way). As it was a relatively short stage we had breakfast at the Albergue and commenced walking around 8:30am when it was daylight.

Today I walked with Alan whose father is French, mother Dutch and was brought up in the US. Not sure what his nationality is but he does hold both French and Dutch passports. It was a nice walk through some pretty countryside although as has become the norm, nothing was open until we reached the outskirts of Santiago. Having now arrived in Santiago from four different directions I have concluded that the Ingles provides the best entrance.

On arrival we took the obligatory photos outside of the cathedral and headed for the pilgrim office to receive our Credentials.

The remainder of the day was spent wandering around Santiago and catching up with friends that we made along the way including Yago, the Spanish medical student that I walked with yesterday.

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Well you’ve had another great adventure walking thru Spain despite rain and closed bars/ shops

great pictures along the way thanks for those!

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