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Sigueiro 25 October 2022

Hospital Bruma to Sigueiro 24.4K

Albergue Camino Real

As usual the early risers were up at 6:30am and making enough noise to wake anybody living within 100 meters of the Albergue. I stayed in bed until 7:30am, packed and departed quietly at just after 8:00. Breakfast was four crushed biscuits and 2 mini cheeses.

As usual for Galacia it was raining although it only lasted for the first hour of the day.

Today I walked with a Spanish medical student. He was a fast walker and it was all I could do to keep up with him for the first 19km at which point I stopped for a rest and told him to walk on as it was his intention to do. 42km day and finish in Santiago.

The way today was excellent, travelling through many forested areas and small villages. The down side was that there was only one coffee stop.

Tomorrow is only a short 16km walk into Santiago de Compostela.

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